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Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM

RUPCB2750-Z2054  /

Material CodeZ2054
Material Description93A Urethane / Polyacetal Backup Ring
Material TypePUR/POM
Material Data SheetPDF
Engineering Data SheetPDF

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Product Description

In heavy-duty applications, leak-free performance and good service life cannot be assured by a single sealing element; therefore, specially developed ”system seals” are arranged in series, building a ”tandem configuration”. The single-acting Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM is designed as a heavy-duty primary rod seal. The design of the product incorporates a combination of a Zurcon® sealing ring along with a Back-up Ring.

Technical Specifications

Installation DimensionsSeal Capabilities
Rod Diameter, dN f8/h92.750 in Min. Temperature-31 ° F
Groove Diameter, D1 H93.402 in Max. Temperature230 ° F
Groove Width, L1 +0.0080.234 in

Environmental & Export Classifications